Turn to an Experienced Probate Lawyer in Houston, TX

Turn to an Experienced Probate Lawyer in Houston, TX

Make sure your loved one's last wishes are carried out

Losing a loved one is hard enough, but adding on the stress of the probate process can be overwhelming. If you're the executor of your loved one's will, you shouldn't have to handle everything by yourself. Turn to an experienced probate lawyer to help you navigate this difficult time.

Howard G. Skolnick, Attorney at Law can guide you through the probate process, helping you file necessary documents and transfer assets properly. Call today to set up probate services in the Houston, TX area.

Don't go through probate alone

Probate is the legal process of transferring financial accounts and property from a deceased person's estate. Texas probate follows 8 steps:

  1. Filing: You must first file a probate application in the county where the deceased party lived.
  2. Posting: After filing the application, there is a two-week waiting period before a hearing. If no one contests the will, the process may proceed.
  3. Will validating: A judge must then validate the will and legally recognize the deceased's death.
  4. Cataloging assets: The executor must catalog the deceased's assets within 90 days.
  5. Beneficiaries identified: The executor will notify any beneficiaries of the estate.
  6. Notifying Creditors: Any leftover debts must be resolved out of the deceased's estate.
  7. Resolving disputes: A probate court must hear any disputes.
  8. Distributing assets: All remaining assets are distributed to the beneficiaries.

Howard G. Skolnick, Attorney at Law offers top-tier probate services and can guide you through this process. Call today to speak with a probate lawyer. We are located in Houston, but work with clients from the surrounding areas like Spring, TX.